Costco Coming To Area Malls?

What may seem like strange bedfellows, it has been reported that local malls are negotiating with Costco Corporation to start moving in.

Mall vacancy is at an all time high. The Wall Street Journal reports that it is in the area of 11% nationwide. In order to stay in business, malls are finding they have no choice but to start the negotiations.

Malls such as the Palm Beach mall in West Palm Beach Florida, might have been able to remain in business if they would have negotiated with Costco.

Other retailers such as Target and Walmart are also considering moving to local malls.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to see stores like Costco and WalMart at my local mall. Seeing them next to a Banana Republic and Macy's just doesn't seem right.

Not only that, but the clientele are completely different. Walmart and mall shoppers generally do not fit together.